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Girona Accommodation Guide

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Through the links on this page you can find out where to look for holiday apartments, villas and hotels, and also find reviews of several hotels in Girona.

Transfers to / from Girona Airport

Apartment Rental in Girona

Apartment rentals can be a cheaper alternative to expensive hotels. There are several places in Girona where you can rent an apartment. Apartments are available both on the coast of the Costa Brava and in the town of Girona itself.

How to find a holiday apartment in Girona

Villas In Girona - Accommodation for Families and Groups

An alternative form of accommodation is to rent a villa. This can give you much more privacy than a hotel or even an apartment. There are different types of villas, both rustic and modern.

Renting a Villa in Girona

If you want to find out what a typical villa has to offer then click on our link below.

Overview to typical rental villas in Girona

Hostals and Pensiones in Girona - low cost but comfortable accommodation

If you are looking for budget accommodation in Girona, you'll find that a hostal is cheaper than a hotel and you also benefit from having your own room.

List of Girona hostals


We have put together in-depth reviews on many popular hotels in Girona.

Hotel Accommodation

There is a large choice of Girona accommodation. You can rent apartments, hotels, hostals or private villas, and there is accommodation to suit all budgets.

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