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Renting A Holiday Villa Can Save You Money

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A "villa" means a "house", that is usually detached. Villas make an excellent choice for your holiday because you have greater privacy than if you were to stay in a hotel or even an apartment. Quite often a villa will also have a garden and a private swimming pool, and a BBQ area.

How To Rent A Villa

There are two means of renting a villa. You can either rent directly from the owner, in response to a private advert, or you can choose a villa from a selection held by a rental agency.

Rental agencies tend to offer a standard service that apply to their villas. This generally includes a cleaning service, availability of a welcome book with essential information about the villa and the local area, and they should give you an emergency contact number of someone you can call in case of any problems.

You will pay slightly more for these extra services than if you rent directly from the owner, but as many villas are in countryside locations, it pays to at least have the contact number of someone to help you in case of any emergency.

The official governmental website for the Costa Brava has a section where you can find accommodation.

Tip A villa that is in the countryside and is in the style of a farmhouse will often be called 'C'an' and then the name. (C'an relates to 'farmhouse').

What A Typical Villa Has To Offer You

Villas generally come with 3 bedrooms or more, although it is possible to find 2 bed roomed properties. You pay for the villa, rather than for each person, and so the more people in your group, the cheaper it will work out.

Always check when you book, exactly how far away the local amenities are, because you may need to hire a car. Some rural villas can be a kilometre or two from the shops. If you opt to hire a car at the time of booking the villa, it could be cheaper. Car hire in Girona

Rural villas can have lovely big gardens and even orchards. The garden is a fantastic place for the children to play, and the rule of thumb is that there's also a TV and video inside, so if you take some of your children's favourite videos along, this can help to keep them entertained while you are preparing the BBQ!

Tip If your DVDs are from Europe then you will have no problems playing them on Spanish DVD players. If they are from outside of Europe you may well have a few problems - most branded DVD players in Spain have been locked for playing DVDs from Europe only.

Villas Near The Coast Are More Modern
Villas Near The Coast Are More Modern

You can also find villas on the coast of Girona - the Costa Brava. The style of villas on the coast is generally more modern. Houses here may not always be detached, as space is limited. But being on the coast means that you'll be closer to all amenities and the beach and may not need to rent a car.

There is a wide choice of villas in Girona, from rustic rural properties to modern seaside houses. You can choose to rent from either the owner directly or through an agency. A villa is a great option for families or larger groups because the more people there are, the cheaper it works out.

A Villa Next To A Golf Course In Girona
A Villa Next To A Golf Course In Girona

Another alternative is to rent a villa that is near a golf course. Golf courses usually have some kind of residential area nearby, especially for people who want to come and play golf. They are usually linked to the golf club and so the best way to find out about them is to ask the golf club.

Contact details for golf courses in Girona

The tourist information office have booklets with hundreds of rental villas inside. The guide to ask for is called 'Turisme Rural Girona'. The villas in Gerona that are advertised in this booklet are in peaceful and rural locations.

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Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Tourist Office

Tip When you look for a villa, ask if the owner, or rental agency leave a 'welcome hamper' inside for you when you arrive. This is common practice with many rental villas, and it means that you have a few basics like bread, juice, tea and coffee for when you arrive. It's very handy if you arrive late at night or early in the morning, and especially if you have young children.

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