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How And Where To Park Your Car At Gerona International Airport

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The Girona airport outdoor car park
The Girona airport outdoor car park
There are 3 car parks that offer paid parking facilities. We've included a list of parking fees below. There are also some tips about entering and exiting the car parks.

Location Of Airport Parking

Car parks, P1, P2 and P3 have a total of 2,000 spaces. P1 is an indoor car park with 860 spaces and you'll see it on the north side of the Terminal.

The car parks are surveyed by 24 hour security.

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How To Enter The Car Park

The automatic payment machines for airport parking Gerona
The automatic payment machines for airport parking Gerona

Before going through the entry barrier, stop at the ticket machine at the barrier and press the button to take a ticket. Keep the ticket with you and pay at either one of the 5 automatic machines or in the office next to them before you leave.

Once you've paid you have 20 minutes to leave the car park or your ticket will expire and the barrier won't open. If this happens you'll have to go back to the parking attendant's office and pay for a new ticket. For rates see the table at the end of this page.

Tip The ticket office don't accept notes bigger than €50.00

Don't Loose Your Parking Ticket!

If you have lost the ticket or you have any problems, request information by pressing the button available on all of the automatic payment machines or go to the information centre.

When you leave put the parking ticket into the machine at the exit. The first barrier will rise. Then wait in front of the second barrier and it will rise automatically. If you need help you can press the button on the machine.

Tip If your car battery is flat, tell the parking attendant and staff will start you up free of charge.

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Girona Airport T1

Rates for Airport Parking at Gerona Airport

Please note that these rates are subject to change. Always check the most up to date information directly with the airport information office.

Parking Rates Tax (IVA) included

Time Price in Euros
Up to 30 minutes €1.10
More than 30 minutes €2.20
Up to 2 hours €4.40
Up to 3 hours €6.60
Up to 4 hours €8.80
Up to 5 hours €10.50
Up to 6 hours €10.50
Up to 7 hours €10.50
Up to 8 hours €10.50
Max daily rate up to 4 days €10.50
Max daily rate from 5th day €8.25

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