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Girona Airport Taxi: Tariffs And Contact Numbers

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The taxi rank is directly outside the arrivals Terminal. There is a blue and white sign saying 'Taxi' and the word 'taxi' is also painted in yellow on the road. If there are no taxis outside, you can call one from the free phone on the wall inside the arrivals terminal. The phone is near the airport information desk.

The Girona airport taxis are from a village 5 minutes from the airport. They do not have a collective official telephone number as each taxi is privately owned. If there is a long wait at the taxi rank, you can ask the information desk inside the arrivals hall to call you a taxi from Girona centre instead of waiting for a local taxi.

The phone numbers for 2 taxi companies from Girona centre are:

Radio Taxi Tel: +34 97 282 5050
Gitaxi Tel:  +34 97 222 2323

The above taxi companies also have taxis adapted for the disabled.

The prices remain the same no matter how many passengers are in the taxi.

Taxi Fare
Per kilometre: €0.99

Transfers to / from Girona Airport

Tip If you have any difficulty getting a taxi you can ask the staff at the Tourist information desk at Girona Airport to call one for you. They speak English, and have a list of prices available too. The information desk is manned 24 hours a day throughout the summer (25 March until October) and is always open when flights are arriving.

You Can Call A Taxi From This Free Phone Inside The Arrivals Hall at Girona Airport
You Can Call A Taxi From This Free Phone Inside The Arrivals Hall at Girona Airport

Taxi Rates

There are fixed rates for journeys in a Girona Airport taxi. The prices are per taxi, not per person. These prices are for the taxis that come from a village 5 minutes from the airport. If you are taking a taxi that has come to the airport from Girona centre, each journey will be more expensive than the following prices.

Taxi that comes from Girona centre
More expensive: €2.00 - €5.00

The Approximate Taxi Fares From Girona Airport Are As Follows:

To Girona centre: €28.00
To Platja D'Aro: €48.00
To Lloret de Mar: €45.00
To Roses: €101.00
To L'Estartit: €78.00
To Barcelona: €127.00

Supplements To The Taxi Fare:

For each hour the taxi has to wait for you:  €18.69
For each fraction of 15 minutes the taxi has to wait: €4.67
For night service between 21:00 - 07:00 Monday to Friday: €4.60
For all service on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: €4.60
For each baggage that measures more than 55x35x35 cm: €0.60

Most taxis hold a maximum of 4 people and their baggage (1 suitcase each and 1 piece of hand baggage each). There are some taxis that are hatchbacks and therefore, able to carry 1 or 2 extra bags. If you have extra baggage, go to the information desk and ask them to order a larger taxi for you.

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