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How To Drive From Girona Airport To Girona Centre

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Girona Airport Is A 20 Minute Drive From Girona Centre
Girona Airport Is A 20 Minute Drive From Girona Centre

This page gives you details of how to drive from Girona airport to Girona centre by car. There are also links to other pages that explain which forms of public transport you can take from Girona airport to get to Girona centre.

You have a 20 minutes drive from Girona airport to Girona centre. You have to leave the airport and follow signs for the AP7 motorway. After 2 minutes you'll come to a roundabout. Here, go right round and take the exit signposted for the AP7.

Understanding The Toll Booths On The Motorway

At the toll booths on the motorway you have to take a ticket from the machine. The ticket will be expelled automatically when you stop your car at the barrier. Just lean out of the window and take it, and then the barrier will move upwards and you can pass through. Keep the ticket until you exit the motorway, where you'll have to present it to the attendant and pay the allotted fee.

Girona airport to Girona centre
Toll fee: €1.00

Once you've passed through the barrier, choose the road in the direction of Girona and Francia. This will lead you onto the AP7 motorway.

Tip If you find there are too many signs to decipher in too little time, just remember that the motorway signs are always blue.

You'll be on the motorway for approximately 10 -15 minutes. The speed limit on the motorway in Spain is 120 km per hour. Take the exit (named either Salida or Sortida) for Girona Sur (Girona South). This is exit number 7. After a few metres you'll come to the toll booths where you have to present your ticket and pay the fee.

Girona airport to Girona centre
Toll fee: €1.00

From here you can follow signs for Girona Centre. The signs are not always clearly visible due to overhanging trees and other foliage. However, the route consists of several roundabouts, and there are various ways to arrive at the centre of Girona by taking different exits off the roundabouts. Even if you are not sure you have taken the correct road off one of the roundabouts, continue on to the next one and there will be more signs there saying 'centre'.

I got a little confused trying to look for 'centre' signs on each roundabout, but when I stopped and asked directions I was told that it didn't matter which road I took off the roundabout because they all lead to the centre of Girona.

You can also get from Girona airport to Girona centre on public transport.

Route and timetable of the Girona airport bus

Tariffs of the Girona airport taxis

To drive from Girona airport to Girona centre should take about 20 minutes on the motorway. You can also do the journey using public transport. The journey involves a small payment to use the toll motorway, and after that you can follow signs that lead you into Girona centre.

Toll fee: €1.00

Car parking

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