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The Associacio Turistica d´Apartaments (ATA) is a non-profit organization that brings together letting agencies with tourists who want to rent a holiday apartment. The ATA provide a searchable database of apartment rentals in the Girona and Costa Brava areas. In addition ATA also helps to maintain standards for the industry. You can undertake a search for suitable accommodation at their website both by apartment type or location:

ATA tourist association website

Another good place to start looking for a Girona apartment rental is the tourist information centre. They have a list of apartments within the centre of Girona that are rented out specifically for tourists. They also have an official brochure from the ATA (Tourist apartment association), that lists apartments for rent across the province, together with colour photographs and contact information for each apartment.

Look Out For Signs Advertising Apartments For Rent
Look Out For Signs Advertising Apartments For Rent

If you are already in Girona, then keep an eye out for signs hanging from balconies that say 'for rent' or 'Se Alquila'.

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