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Gerona Office Rental: How To Find An Office Space To Rent

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This page explains how to find a Gerona office rental. There are several local publications in Gerona that have real estate adverts in them, and we've explained where you can get hold of these magazines and newspapers. There are also links to companies that offer an online search, which is useful if you want to look at offices for rent before making a trip to Gerona.

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Publications That Contain Adverts For Gerona Office Rental

There are several free newspapers and magazines that you'll see frequently through the town. They are in the tourist information office and also in the doorways of estate agents offices. These publications have classified adverts and adverts for estate agents. Here you will see a few listings for office space for rent. The magazines and papers are called:

Look For Free Magazines Throughout Girona That Have Estate Agents Ads In Them
Look For Free Magazines Throughout Girona That Have Estate Agents Ads In Them

Es Gratis
Free magazine in Spanish.

Free magazine in Spanish

Diari Inmobiliari
Free magazine in Spanish.

Punt de Venda
Free magazine in Spanish.

Guia Inmobiliaria
Free magazine in Spanish.

Free newspaper in Spanish.

When browsing local publications look for the section 'Clasificados' (classifieds). Also, look for Gerona office rental under the heading 'Inmobiliaria' (Real Estate) and 'Alquiler' (to rent). 'To rent' can also be written 'Lloguer' (this is Catalan). You will also see signs hanging from balconies where there is office space to rent.

Searching For Gerona Office Rental From Home

There are companies that allow you to do a search online through their books. This can give you an idea of what is available and of up to date prices before you spend time visiting Girona.

Finca web specialise in the area of Girona and have office spaces to rent.

This webpage has Girona office rental availability.

The best place to start looking for a Gerona office rental is in the free newspapers and magazines that are distributed through Gerona. There are plenty of estate agents that also have listings of offices to rent, both in the centre of Girona and throughout the province.

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