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There Are Employment Agencies In Gerona. This Branch Of Adecco Is Next to The Train Station
There Are Employment Agencies In Gerona. This Branch Of Adecco Is Next to The Train Station
This page gives you advice on finding a job in Gerona. You'll find where to go to look for jobs and we've explained about the types of jobs that are available in the different regions of Gerona province. We've also outlined in which places you'll need to speak Spanish in order to work.

Jobs In The Town Of Gerona

The town of Gerona is not solely dependent on tourism, and therefore you won't find many temporary 'tourist' jobs available. There are a limited number of positions throughout the summer if you want to work as a waiter or waitress. It is preferable that you can speak Spanish or Catalan.

The language most frequently spoken in Girona is Catalan, but most people also speak the more commonly known form of Spanish which is also known locally as Castellano.

There are several employment agencies in the town of Gerona. For example, there is a branch of Adecco next to the train station. If you can speak Spanish, then you can take your CV into them and they will put you on their books to look for office work.

How You Can Find Work in Gerona

One useful tip to find a job in Gerona is to use a website called (see link below). The website has listings of jobs posted for all of Spain including Girona. Currently the site is only in Spanish however if you use the google translation tools (see link below) you can input any web address and have a rough translation of any foreign language webpage into your chosen language. Thanks Google!

Once at the infojobs website click the Provincia category and select Girona from the drop down list. If you also know what type of work you want then click on the Categoria and select the category of work you're looking for. website to search for jobs in Girona

Who Can Help You Look For Work

If you speak Spanish you can visit the following department of the Tourist Information:

Informacio Ciutadana
Placa del Vi, 1
17004 Girona, España.
Tel: +34 97 241 9010
Website: Girona L'Ajuntament

This office is like a Citizen's Advice Centre. You will have to speak Spanish in order to benefit from its services, but they can tell you where to find job centres and employment agencies throughout the town. They are also able to give you advice of getting legally registered in Girona, so that you can work legally.

Before You Can Work You Should Register

What this means is that you have to register your official address at the Town hall. The process is called 'empadronar'. You will be given a certificate of 'empadronamiento' that gives your address. You will need this to give to your employer so that they can make up a legal work contract for you. Always keep photocopies of your certificate of empadronamiento and keep the original for yourself.

Jobs On The Coast Of Gerona

The Coastal Areas Of Girona Are Good Places To Look For Work In The Summer Month
The Coastal Areas Of Girona Are Good Places To Look For Work In The Summer Month

There are many more temporary jobs for non-Spanish speakers available along the coast of the Costa Brava, which is part of the province of Gerona. The many beach resorts are packed full of restaurants and bars that always need workers for the summer when the tourists come. As most of the tourists don't speak Spanish either - the bars and restaurants sometimes prefer to hire English, Dutch, French or German-speaking staff.

Jobs In Gerona Province

You can also find a limited number of temporary jobs in Gerona province. There are several campsites in rural areas that are only open during the summer and they often need extra staff to help out in this busy period.

Contact information for several campsites in Girona

Typical Wages In Gerona

The people in Gerona say that they are the most well-off province in Spain. However, wages in Spain, in general, are lower than in the UK or Germany or France for example.

For work in a bar or restaurant in the summer, expect to earn about €700.00 - €1,000 per month. This excludes tips, which may significantly add to your salary. Also be prepared that your employer may not be willing to give you a legal working contract for temporary work, and may ask you to work 'black'. This is not legal, but it happens frequently.

For office work, expect to earn approximately €900.00 - €1,200 per month NET. It is normal to start a job with only a 3 month contract. Your contract may be renewed but only for another 3 months. To get an indefinite contract in Spain is like getting hold of gold-dust!

Other Resources For Finding Work

In the tourist information centre, and at various points, throughout the city, you will see free magazines in Spanish. They are primarily to buy and sell things, but also sometimes have a page or two dedicated to jobs.

There is also an English language magazine called the Costa Brava Resident. This is full of useful contact information for English speaking companies and services.

Finding a Gerona job is quite easy if you are prepared to work temporarily and for a basic wage. If you speak Spanish, you can register for work in the town of Gerona, but if you don't, your best bet is to head for the coast before the start of the summer season and ask around the bars and restaurants.

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