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Gerona Relocation: Points To Consider Before You Go

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This page gives you an overview to the essentials you need to consider when relocating to Girona in Spain. You'll find a summary of the paperwork involved, how you can find work, steps for buying property and resources to help you get established.

Paperwork Required To Relocate To Girona

Empadronamiento: If you are considering relocating to Gerona, bear in mind that you should register your new address at the local Town Hall to obtain a certificate called an empadronamiento. This is a simple procedure, and the certificate that the Town Hall will give you will help you to do things like open a bank account, get a rental contract and buy a car.

Tax number: If you intend to work then you will need to be issued with a NIE number. This number is a tax identification number for payment of income tax. The town hall will give you information on how to apply for your NIE.

Medical cover. You will also need to register to receive medical care or alternatively you can take out private medical cover. Ask the town council for details of this when you arrive. For private medical cover pop into one of the high street banks like La Caixa and ask to speak to their insurance clerk who would be able to give you a rundown of the policies available for medical cover. If you decide to have private medical cover aim at paying around a €35.00 - €40.00 / Month premium.

The above is only a very basic outline of the paperwork you'll need to complete. We highly recommend that you contact the Spanish Embassy in your own country to find out all the paperwork requirements before you leave your own country.

Town Hall in Gerona

Finding Work In Girona

Relocating to Gerona usually means you may also need to find a job. Gerona does not depend on tourism for its income. There are a lot of companies operating year-round in Gerona. It will help enormously if you can speak Spanish or Catalan if you want to work in Gerona. There are some Summer jobs available in the bars and restaurants, but if you are seeking summer work only, you're best bet is to head for the coast of the Costa Brava in the province of Gerona.

How to find a job in Gerona

Buying Property In Girona

Relocation to Gerona may also mean you will have to buy a property. There are plenty of estate agents who can assist you.

A full list of estate agents in Gerona is available from the tourist information office.

House hunting in Girona

The Climatic Conditions in Girona

The weather in Gerona is warmer than in northern Europe. Most of the rain falls in the winter, and the summer months are a pleasant temperature.

Weather in Girona

Maps, Business And Other Resources

If you've never been to Gerona before and are thinking of relocating there, it's a good idea to start by having a look at a map of the city.

Where to get hold of a good map of Girona

Finding Office Space In Gerona

There are many businesses operating out of Gerona. There are several ways to look for office space in Gerona so you can set up a business.

Rent an office in Girona

Tip A great way to discover what's going on in the English speaking community in Gerona, is to pick up a free copy of the Costa Brava Resident magazine. It's available from the Tourist Information centre.

Girona Tourist Information Centre

Relocation to Gerona can be made easy with a little advanced preparation. You can obtain a map from the tourist information and find out where to look for a place to live and also where to look for work - all before you start out on your journey. Gerona is a picturesque city that you'll find welcoming, and best of all, it doesn't close down for Winter. We hope this brief guide has given you the basics of what is involved with relocation to Girona.

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