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Girona Hotels And Their Locations

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This page lists Girona hotels for you to select. You'll find the addresses, together with a short description and a link to a full review of each hotel. This page can be used as a quick reference to find a hotel in the area that you prefer.

Girona Hotels In Or Near The Town Centre

Hotel Costabella
Avinguda de Franca, 61
17007 Girona, España.


This hotel is on the outskirts of Girona, and is one of the few hotels in Girona with a swimming pool.

Review of the Hotel Costabella

Carrer Nou, 3 - 5
17001 Girona, España.


This hotel is in the centre of Girona. It is modern, spacious and clean and the staff speak both Spanish and English. There are excellent facilities for both tourists and business travellers.

Review of the Hotel Peninsular

Hotel Ciutat de Girona
Nord, 2
17001 Girona, España.


The Hotel Ciutat de Girona is very modern and you'll find it in a quiet corner of central Girona, not far from the river.

Review of the hotel Ciutat de Girona

Hotel Melia Girona
Carrer Barcelona, 112
17003 Girona, España.


This is a large and impressive looking hotel with excellent facilities for travelers and business people. It's easy to find as it's on the main road through the town of Girona.

Review of the Hotel Melia Girona

Hotel Carlemany
Plaza Miquel Santaló
17002 Girona, España.


Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel Carlemany

This hotel is in a central location giving very good access to Girona centre.

A Typical Street In Historic Girona Where You Will Find The Hotel Historic
A Typical Street In Historic Girona Where You Will Find The Hotel Historic

Hotel Historic
Bellmirall, 4A
17004 Girona, España.


This is a gorgeous stone built hotel in the heart of historic Girona.

Ideally situated to see all the ancient buildings that the town has to offer, and less than one minute walk to the original old walls of the town.

Report on the Hotel Historic

There are several good quality hotels in Girona that are reasonably priced. Clicking on the links on this page will take you to more in depth reviews that will also give you an idea of price. Girona has hotels that are suitable for both tourists and business travelers.

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