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This page has reviews of the Girona maps that are available through the council and tourist information office in Girona. There are also links to online maps of Girona, and advice on how to get maps sent to you for free. This page will help you decide which map is the best one you need for your journey.

Click here for a detailed street map of Girona

The tourist information office have 3 good maps of Girona, Spain. There are descriptions of each one below.

Review 1: Girona City Centre Map.
Map name: "Ajuntament de Girona" - Free of Charge

This map is a paper map that shows the whole of Girona city centre, including the Historic Jewish quarter and the more modern part of town across the river. It is good to use as a street map as it has the streets clearly marked. It also shows where the tourist information offices are, taxi ranks, public toilets, parking, bus and train station, and interesting historical buildings.

It also has a photograph and description of each historical building in 6 languages. It has suggested walking routes around the Historic quarter which are handy if you want to see all the best architecture. It also features the contact numbers and web addresses of the major museums in Girona, and all the contact details of the 3 tourist information offices.

Tourist information office and find out how to contact them

Review 2: Girona Historic Quarter and Girona Centre Map.
Map name: Girona Turistguia. This is A Free Map

This is a glossy map that has an intricate 3D drawing of the Historic quarter on one side and a larger plan view of the whole of Girona on the other side. I found it very useful for walking through the Historic quarter.

There's a small part of this Girona map that covers the whole of the province. This is useful for seeing the main entry roads into the area. You'll also see photos and information about buildings of interest throughout Girona, and a directory of shops, bars and restaurants. The map is free.

Review 3: Girona Province Map.
Map name: Costa Brava: Pirinea de Girona "Treasure Map"

This is the largest map of Girona, but I think it is really useful if you want to explore the whole province of Girona. It is, as it's name suggests, a guide to the "treasures" of Girona. It covers in detail all the roads in the province and gives several itineraries for discovering the most secluded coves and beaches, valleys, lakes, castles and gardens.

It's full of useful contact telephone numbers and has photos of several attractions with descriptions in 7 languages.

4. Google Map

Online Interactive Girona Map

On the official website of the Costa Brava tourist information, there is a link to an interactive map.

Interactive map of Girona

The town hall also have an online Girona map.

Girona map on the town hall website

This map is faster to download, but all the notes are in Catalan. There is the option to enlarge it to view specific details such as bus routes, but it isn't very clear once it has been enlarged.

There are several maps available to buy that cover the area from Girona to Barcelona.

Reviews of maps that cover Girona

Other Ways To Get Hold Of A Girona Map

If you contact the tourist information office in Girona and ask them to send you a map they will.

Oficina de Turisme de Girona
Rambla de la Llibertat, 1
17004 Girona, España.

Tel: +34 97 201 0001
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours:

Month Day Time
01 January and 06 January Sunday and Friday Closed
January - December Monday - Friday 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00 and 15:00 - 19:00
Sunday and Public Holiday 09:00 - 14:00
25 December and 26 December Monday and Tuesday Closed

Tip You can also contact the Spanish Embassy in your own country and request maps. I have done this several times and received all kinds of bags full of goodies for free! The Girona maps available from the tourist information office are very good for helping you find your way around the centre of Girona. They also contain lots of useful information about the most interesting sights to see in the town.

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