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Review Of A Selection Of Road Maps For Your Journey From Girona To Barcelona.

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This page gives a list of maps of Girona to Barcelona that are either available to buy, or that you can find online. There's a summary of how good each map is, and we've given the links to some online maps. You'll also find the official airport address with postcode to help you locate it using a GPS.

Transfers to / from Girona Airport

Driving Route From Girona To Barcelona
(Total distance 104 km)

Barcelona To Girona Driving Route
Get on C-65

Then take AP-7

Next continue on C-33

Keep left onto B-10

Online Map Of Girona

The Costa Brava tourist information website has a link to an interactive map of Girona. The clarity isn't perfect, but it gives an idea of the main roads.

Online map of Girona

The town hall also have a map of Girona on their website.

Girona map on the town hall website

You can enlarge this map to view the details, although it's not perfectly clear.

Finding Your Way Around Girona With GPS

If you are driving to Girona airport and want to rely on your GPS rather than a map, it will be helpful for you to know the full airport address.

The official address of Girona Airport is:

Girona Airport
Vilobi de Onyar
17185 Girona, España.

The airport in Girona is 12 km from the centre of Girona town.

The maps of Girona to Barcelona that are reviewed on this page are generally good maps that are clear and easy to read. There are also several good online maps that you can print off yourself to help you plan your journey.

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