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How to Drive From Girona To Barcelona

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This page explains the driving route from Girona to Barcelona. We've given the road names and signs to look out for, together with the prices of the motorway tolls you'll encounter. There's also a link to a website where you can get online maps of the journey.

Driving distance from Girona to Barcelona is 100km and traffic permitting, it shouldn't take more than 1 hour and 20 minutes down the AP7 motorway. Many people fly to Girona and then head on to take their holidays in Barcelona For more information see our page on flying into Girona.

Transfers to / from Girona Airport

Driving Route From Girona To Barcelona
(Total distance 104 km)

Barcelona To Girona Driving Route
Get on C-65

Then take AP-7

Next continue on C-33

Keep left onto B-10

How To Pay The Motorway Tolls

The AP7 motorway is a toll motorway. This means that you have to pay to use it. Once you have left Girona and you are on the motorway, after a few minutes you will see signs that tell you that in 1000m you will have to pay the motorway toll. This is 'peatge' in Catalan and 'peaje' in Castiliano Spanish.

There are several booths to pay the toll at. It's easier to go to the one that says 'manual'. The others are either for use with a credit card (which can cause problems if your card isn't accepted and you are holding up the queue!) or motorists with a special ticket. The manual booths are manned and you pay the attendant through the window.

When you get to the booth the attendant will ask you for the toll fee and you should pay through the open window. If you want a receipt, ask for a 'ticket'.

If there is a lot of traffic when you approach the pay booths, I advise you to take your time and keep a sharp lookout for other drivers. Many people have to change lanes to get to the correct booth and this results in drivers crossing you from left and right.

There are two types of tolls - one where you have to pay, and one where you take a ticket. Normally the tolls where you have to pay will have a sign advising you 1000 metres in advance. It will say 'Peaje' or 'Peatge'. This is not always the case, but the general rule is that if you have passed through a first toll where you have taken a ticket, then the next one will be where you have to pay.

You still have to stop at the barrier, but this time you have to take a ticket. The ticket comes automatically from the machine next to the barrier when you pull up. Keep the ticket until you come to the 'peaje' or 'peatge' point on the motorway where you have to pay. Give the ticket to the attendant, and the amount you have to pay will be on the screen in front of you.

The Driving Route From Girona To Barcelona

From the centre of Girona take the AP7 in the direction of Barcelona. You will pass by the town of Granollers, and then at La Roca del Vallès there's a toll booth. To leave the AP7 motorway you are looking fro the exit for 'Barcelona, Aeroport, Aeropuerto'.

Driving Route From Girona To Barcelona
La Roca del Vallès
Toll fee:

When you get close to Barcelona, take the C-33 road. At this point you will have to pay the toll at Mollet. Then follow the signs for Ronda Litoral.

Driving Route From Girona To Barcelona
Toll fee:

Tip The online route planner by Michelin is useful to help you plan your route down to the last detail. It has all the road names and how many kilometres you have to stay on each road for.

Once you have reached Barcelona, you have a choice of heading on for the airport or going to a more central area of the city. If you have doubts about your route at this stage then head for the 'Ronda Litoral' which is the ring road around Barcelona.

Driving from Girona to Barcelona is easy, even if you've never driven in Spain before. The main road that you need is the AP7 motorway, and the length of the entire journey is approximately one hour twenty minutes.


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