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How To Book A Girona To Barcelona Minibus Service

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This page shows you how to obtain a Girona minibus to Barcelona and vice versa. You'll find contact telephone numbers and an outline of the types of minibuses that you can hire.

It is one hour and a half to travel from Girona centre to Barcelona by a Girona minibus transfer service. There are several companies that will do the journey. All the minibuses that run from Girona to Barcelona are privately owned. For this reason you have to book them in advance. You can book by phone or fax.

When you contact the minibus companies, be prepared that they may not give you a quote immediately. I tried them all and not one of them could give me even a rough price straight away. Also, you must ask for someone who speaks English. Ampsa told me that their English speaking staff are available in the afternoons.

The price will vary depending on the date, number of people and route. You can send an e-mail to request information through the website of each company.

The list of minibus companies below is for the ones that have websites in English.

Gerona To Barcelona Minibus Services

Carrer Migdia, 13
17458 Fornells de la Selva, España.

Tel: +34 97 221 6353

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You can book the Ampsa Girona minibus service for any time you prefer as it operates 24 hours a day, all through the year. Their buses hold from 20 to 70 people and they all have air-conditioning. They also have a specially adapted minibus with disabled access, that holds 36 passengers.

Carrer Sant Esteve, 9
17455 Caldes of Malavella, Grona, España.
Tel: +34 97 247 0937
Mob: +34 60 639 0599 (BUSES)


The head office of this company is between Barcelona and Girona, not far from Girona airport.

Catalonia Transfer
Carrer Segismon Folgaroles,39
17401 Arbúcies, Girona, España.

Tel: +34 60 764 6963 / +34 63 775 3438

When you book a Girona to Barcelona minibus with this company you should let them know if you are going to have excess baggage so that they can arrange the correct sized minibus for you. They can also provide minibuses with disabled access if you ask in advance.

A Girona to Barcelona minibus (or vice versa) is a convenient and comfortable way to travel between these two destinations. You have the advantage of only sharing the minibus with your own group members, and you don't have to worry about finding the way yourself, meaning that you can relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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